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Rent Vs. Own

Many renters don't know when it's the right moment to start the first time homebuyer process. Some remain intimidated taking the next steps to homeownership especially when locked into an annual rental lease.


3 Mistakes People Make When Purchasing A Home

First-time home buyers have a few really good programs to choose from. These mortgage programs only require little money down, and some allow a lower credit score. It’s common to see first-time home buyers have little money for a down payment or a lower credit score that prevent them from buying a home. These shouldn’t stop first-time buyers from looking into what programs are available to them.


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3 Popular Mortgage Programs For First Time Home Buyers

Interest rates in the past years have been an all time low. We have no complaints and thankful for the lower payments and or how much more of a house we can buy for the borrowing dollar.

FHA, VA, and USDA all have low down payment  programs available for first time buyers.  All are unique but each have certain characteristics and guidelines that differ.  You should understand all three and see how you would best fit the program.  


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